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    Why are you hiding your beauty when you can enhance it?

    Cure Psoriasis - 100% curable Ayurvedic medicine
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    Say goodbye to insulin

    Cure Diabetes effectively - 100% curable Ayurvedic medicine
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    Get relief from migraine

    Bhadra Theertham herbal oil - Cure migraine fastly
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    General body massage

    Oil application for the body and head, it rejuvunate the body, improve of the vitality body and reduces stress followed with a herbal stream bath
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    Relief from stress

    This helps to enhance your memory power, ensure sound sleep, stop hair falls

Special treatment for Psoriasis

100% curable Ayurvedic medicine from ancient thaliyola grandha

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Calm residential area

The hospital is in a
Village and very calm
area. Non poluted air etc

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Homely ambience

You feel a homely atmosphere and comfortable & relaxed here

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Team of experts

Well experienced medical professionals are the available in our center for your care

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Non poluted air

Our center provide patients a non- polluted air and water which help them a good treatments and atmosphere.

why choose us

Why Choose Bhadra Ayurveda

Bhadra Ayurveda naturopathy research center is your one step to consultant
for aternative medicine and hoslistic treatement

  • Highly qualified & experienced team
  • Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treaments
  • Personalised care
  • Alternative solution for conventional medicines
  • Best advice on nutritional needs

Bhadra Ayurveda Approach

Bhadra Ayurveda naturopathy research center is your one step to consultant
for aternative medicine and hoslistic treatement

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Mission & Vision

Through holistic medicine techniques, our doctors will help your to deteminte the nutritional needs of the body to allow it to healitself. Our vision is to offer people an alternative solution to conventional medicine.

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Ayurvedic Naturopathy

Ayurvedic Naturopathy treatment help you to recover naturally from deceases

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Holistic treaments

help you to recovery from health issues naturally.


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Treatments & services

We provide best in class treatments to guests

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Treatment for Psoriasis

Specialized team of doctors - Scientifically tested with 100% results - 21 days of traditional treatment methods - Complete cure for all type of skin disorders

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Abhyangam - General body massage

Oil application for the body and head. It rejuvenates the human body and improves the vitality of the body
It helps to reduce stress. It followed by a herbal steam bath.

Best naturopathy treatment in Palakkad, Kerala - Bhadra Ayurveda

Shirodhara - Relief from stress

It’s an Ayurvedic healing technique that involves pouring the medicated oil onto the forehead for about 50 minutes.
Shirodhara helps to have relaxing, soothing, and calming effects on the body and mind.
This will helps to enhance memory power, ensure sound sleep and stops hair fall.

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Ela kizhi

Elakizhi (Ilakizhi) or Patrapotala Sweda is an ancient Ayurvedic sudation therapy using numerous medicinal leaves (herbs).
It induces perspiration within the affected area, which prompts the skin to eliminate wastes. Fresh leaves (Ela) having vata pacifying properties make the herbal kizhis (bundles).
These kizhis, dipped into warm Ayurvedic oils, will be used for massaging the body. A very good treatment for any type of swelling, muscle cramps and arthritis.

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Njavara kizhi - Nourish your muscles

Hot medicated and cooked special rice boluses are bounded in cloth to make kizhi and applied over the body. It nourishes muscle and bones and also prevents joint pain.

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Chavutti uzhichil

It is a unique treatment of Kerala kalari leg traction method. This massage is done on the whole body using mainly the feet and also the palms by the masseur, putting medicated herbal oil all over the body and head of the person.
The masseur gently moves the feet controlling the pressure, balancing on a rope hung on the ceiling. It needs more than an hour to complete the entire procedure.
It is useful in correcting vertebral joints, sciatica pain, low backache and the marmas (vital points)are well massaged and manipulated.

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"Ayurveda is a branch of medicine that integrates
the body, psyche, and spirit to prevent and cure various types of ailments"

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