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The core healing system that we practice in Ayurveda is Kerala's traditional Ayurvedic treatment for chronic disorders

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Bhadra Ayurveda Naturopathy research center is envisaged as a center of healing that adopts a holistic approach to Healthcare, combining all the traditional systems such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Jyothisham along with modern medical knowledge. We solely use the elements of nature in the purest form. By devoting themselves to the practice of Yoga and Naturopathy in the most authentic way, our team of doctors and therapists are able to handhold you through a harmonious phase of mental, physical, and spiritual awakening.

About Bhadra

Bhadra Ayurveda & naturopathy research center is a complete health destination which is situated in Palakkad district, Kerala. There is no better place to get inside nature and rejuvenate with natural medicine and food. It is a kind of holistic space, which heals you internally and externally with traditional and authentic therapies, treatments, and medications along with yoga and medication.

Bhadra Ayurveda is implanted near the Elavathukkal temple which is located at Nagalassery village in Palakkad district, Kerala, which is forever surrounded by the nature. In compliance with Vaastu Shastra, the hospital is a traditional Kerala house called ‘ Mana ‘ which creates a restorative and curative ambiance. Yoga, Meditation, Nutritional advice, Spiritual training, and Traditional Indian rituals (pujas) are part of the routine at the retreat. As you soak in the goodness of the environment from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, We guide you on a transformative journey that lets you discover life in tune with nature. Bhadra has both outpatient and inpatient treatment services. Op treatments include acupuncture, yoga sessions, physiotherapy, Panchakarma, etc. Ip treatments include room facilities, consultation with doctors, naturopathic diet, and other facilities.

History of Bhara

A comprehensive understanding of Bhadra requires a detailed look at its long history. Bhadra has a long tradition in its treatments and medicines. i.e 400 yrs before, it is believed that ancient vaidyas of this vaidya family passed on this holistic knowledge of healing onto the next generations for the well-being of mankind by various writings and oral narrations. The information about the healing properties of the herbs was composed in the form of shlokas which is written in palm-leaf manuscripts, also known as “Thaliyola Grantham.”

Naturopathy treatment in Kerala - Bhadra Ayurveda
Naturopathy treatment in Kerala - Bhadra Ayurveda

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