Never Stop Enjoying Your Life - Ayurvedic Treatment For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin ailment that involves fast skin cell proliferation, resulting in red, itchy scalps and thicker skin patches. There are two types of it. It's called palmar psoriasis when it affects the palms, and plantar psoriasis when it affects the feet. The quick development of skin cells is assumed to be the cause of the dry flaky and skin scales. The skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp are typically affected by psoriasis.
Plantar and palmar psoriasis, as well as Psoriatic Arthritis, which affects the joints as well as the skin, can be treated at Bhadra Ayurveda.

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Do you have any of these signs or symptoms?

> The skin is covered in silvery scales - Some parts of the body show signs of skin cell scaling
> Skin that itches or burns - Psoriasis is also characterised by itching and a burning feeling. This symptom, however, can also be seen in other types of skin allergies.
> Bumpy skin with redness – Psoriasis causes the affected region to become red and swollen.
> Joint motion is limited - Psoriasis causes stiffness in the joints because it damages them. Joint movement may be restricted as a result of this condition.
> Inflammation of the skin - Inflammation and pain in the skin's affected areas
> Bleeding patches and skin blisters - Psoriatic patches caused blisters and bleeding.

Why should you go with Ayurveda?

What makes Ayurveda unique in the treatment of psoriasis?

> Focus on the source of the problem - Unlike other treatment modalities, which focus exclusively on symptom management, Ayurveda aims to address the root cause of the ailment. It begins by removing dead skin cells so that medications can more effectively treat the disease's actual core cause.
> It's not just about the drugs - Aside from medicines, nutrition and lifestyle play a critical role in enhancing the effects of medications and extending the effectiveness of the treatment after the medications have worn off. As a result, Ayurveda pays equal attention to your diet and lifestyle.
> Lowers the likelihood of future health problems - Ayurveda successfully minimises the likelihood of serious health problems arising from the neglected actual reason since it concentrates on the underlying cause of the ailment. Patients who finish their Ayurveda therapy have a lower likelihood of developing health problems afterwards.

Psoriasis? Ayurveda can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Both the primary and advanced stages of Ayurvedic treatment for plantar and palmar psoriasis begin with purification and the removal of blood pollutants. Stress and mental health are important factors in the treatment of psoriasis, and they are addressed during consultations through counselling. The next phase is to increase immunity once the doshas involved have been adjusted. Panchakarma, in addition to pharmaceuticals, may be prescribed to cleanse the tissues and rebalance the Vatadosha.

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