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The goal of opening our ayurveda treatment centre in India was to make Ayurvedic Treatment for Stroke more widely available to the common people. We have state-of-the-art facilities to treat patients who have suffered paralysis owing to vascular causes in the brain, despite the fact that many clinics in the country are operating for various therapeutic treatments. You are welcome to bring your loved ones and families to our centre for expert ayurvedic treatment.

Symptoms & Signs

Typically, a stroke attacks one side of the brain while also affecting the opposing side of the body. If the left hemisphere is affected, the other side of the body will show weakness and other symptoms.

> Hemiplegia or hemiparesis of hand/leg/face - numbness, weakness, or paralysis
> Slurred/completely disrupted speech
> Vision is hazy or gone entirely
> Confusion/coma - Changed consciousness
> Headache is quite severe.
> Vomiting
> Breathing and swallowing problems can happen in some people.
> Diagnosis

FAST – check face, arms, and speech to see if they are affected - there is no time to waste.
The major goal is to determine the reason as soon as possible, whether it is ischemic, thrombus, emboli, or hemorrhagic.
Blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, Cerebral Angiograms, Echocardiograms, Carotid Ultrasounds, and other diagnostic procedures are used.

What Role does Ayurvedic Therapy have in Stroke Recovery?

A stroke causes a bleeding or clot in the brain tissue, which causes the patient to lose consciousness. This causes numerous bodily functions to be inhibited or manifests itself as convulsions. The vaata movement is likely to be stopped, causing the symptoms, according to our specialists in ayurveda stroke treatment. As a result, our treatments strive to restore vaata flow in the body and eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the body. As a result, our treatments include a variety of properties that all contribute to your patient's rapid recovery.
Our qualified and experienced ayurveda doctors offer a variety of treatments to help patients get rid of internal toxins. Ayurvedic oil treatments and enema use also aid in the restoration of muscular functions throughout the body. These techniques have not only been tried on people of all ages, but they have also been scientifically proven to help stroke sufferers.
Patients may also receive traditional Panchakarma Therapy, based on our experts' evaluation. Rest confident that when you refer your patients to our facility for ayurvedic stroke treatment, they will receive the best care possible. We make every effort to make your stay at one of our ayurveda centres as pleasant as possible. We create a welcoming environment for you and your patient, in addition to providing excellent therapy. Our centres have sufficient living quarters, which might be refreshing for visitors.


We're still working towards the same goal!

> A Whole-Body Approach
> Treatment that is inclusive
> There are no negative side effects.
> Prevention is always preferable to cure.
> Individually tailored treatments
> Doctors with a lot of experience

We guarantee the most effective ayurvedic treatment for stroke paralysis in Kerala. We've been named one of the greatest Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala with all of the required treatment and rejuvenation options.
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